Judith MacBrine, Owner of The Mirror Group

Judith MacBrine, CPCC, ORSCC, works with government leaders and teams who have difficulties communicating effectively and working collaboratively.  Judith brings three decades of experience in California state government and fifteen years of experience coaching individuals and teams.  As the Owner of The Mirror Group, clients report that Judith:

  • Provides a grounded, heartfelt, and courageous presence that lets them safely explore issues that they’d be embarrassed or reluctant to engage otherwise;
  • Frames difficult issues in powerful ways that create real and lasting shifts in perspective;
  • Engages clients in effective, apply-the-learning-today, coaching and training experiences that move them steadily toward their objectives; and
  • Presents issues in a way that transcends stereotype and brings compassion to what we and our colleagues struggle with as individuals.


The Mirror Group offers:

Facilitation Services.
Judith MacBrine has been facilitating meetings since she was 16 years old – that’s 38 years of facilitation and counting.   She has facilitated a broad cross section of pubic and non-profit meetings varying in composition from professional to trades to clerical; public to private; small to large; and happy to hostile.  After sitting in as many meetings as one does over a three decade career in government, Judith has developed a passion to “Meet Well!”   She creates focused, productive, well documented, gracious and enjoyable meetings.  Judith draws on three techniques of facilitation:  the Interaction Method, the World Café, and Visual Meetings (or graphic records).

Individual Coaching Services.
Judith has been an active individual coach for 15 years.  In 2004, she was became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute, the first coach training program recognized by the International Coach Federation.

Team Coaching Services.
Judith began her training in team coaching in 2007.  In 2009, she became an Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC) through The Center for Right Relationship, the first training program recognized by the International Coach Federation for coaching partnerships and teams.  The Mirror Group has a large toolkit of skills and techniques it can bring to bear to address organizational development issues.  Judith is in her third year of leading the San Francisco Bay Area ORSC Community of Practice, responsible for monthly skill building meetings for systems coaches in northern California.  She is a prominent voice in the international systems coach community.

Training Services.
The Mirror Group “swims in deep water.”  The company’s first major training contract was with NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).  We deliver GSFC’s Power and Privilege SeriesDisabilities Workshop and Generations Workshop.  Culture change is difficult, and The Mirror Group is able to create environments that allow participants to examine these sensitive issues with heart, humor and use-them-today skills.  Participants marvel at the emotional richness of discussions led by The Mirror Group.

In the late 1990s, Judith was the Northern California Team Management and Leadership Program Classroom Leader for Landmark Education.  In this role, Judith grew program participation by a factor of ten.  And in the late 1980s, Judith was a Training Officer for Caltrans where she developed and delivered multi-day programs for managers and rank and file employees alike.


The Mirror Group’s Valued Colleagues

Rather than try to be everything to every client, The Mirror Group (a sole proprietor) acts as prime contractor on projects and partners with known and valued colleagues as subcontractors who bring complementary and specialized skills to her project teams.  This keeps overhead low and allows The Mirror Group to be responsive to specific needs of the client.  This model reduces costs that would otherwise go to support The Mirror Group’s operation rather than be available to address client needs.

Christine Thomas, CPCC, ORSCC.   Hawkview Coaching and Training.

Christine Thomas has been coaching since 1998.  She works with teams who are no longer willing to stay stuck in limiting beliefs and hurtful behaviors.  Christine Thomas has over a decade of experience providing executive and leadership coaching to a wide variety of managers, business owners, and executive directors of non-profit organizations.

Grace Flannery, CPCC, ORSCC, MS.  Leading Spirit, Inc.

Grace Flannery is a relationship systems specialist who generates high performance cultures in public and private organizations.  Through coaching, consulting and training, she helps clients manage change initiatives, resolve internal conflicts, strengthen management and create alignment among leaders.

Leigh Marz, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC.  Marz Consulting.

Leigh Marz brings 17 years of experience in public benefit organizations.  As a former Executive Director, she blends years of experience leading organizations with her knowledge of systems, teams, and leadership. Leigh enjoys working with innovators and pioneers in conservation, climate change, health care, and public benefit.

Judy Levy, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC.  Levy Consulting.

Judy Levy brings almost 30 years of experience in organization development, change management, team transition, survey design, training design and delivery, and leadership coaching in a wide variety of settings including government agencies, Fortune 500 high-technology and multi-national service corporations. Judy operates from the philosophy of using the ‘wisdom in the room’ to leverage the team’s strengths and create sustainable change smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Rob Seidenspinner, CPCC, PCC.  Sage Circle.

Rob has 30 years of work experience in diverse fields, including construction management, publishing production and commercial property management.  Rob has excelled in each of these vocations due to his keen understanding of interpersonal relationships, team building and the role of true leadership.  Rob’s clients report an increased ability to move forward through life’s challenges and obstacles with confidence and intention.