Do Any of the Following Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • Your Team Comes Home with You.  You bring the team dramatics home to your loved ones at night and spend 20 or 30 minutes recounting  the day’s events that drove you crazy?
  • Impact on Health.  You find that the difficulties with your team are impacting your sleep…your blood pressure…body aches and pains…your energy?
  • Team Focus.  Your team spends more time arguing about what and how it will do things than actually doing them?
  • Resorting to Disciplinary Action.  You think you’ve identified the source of the “team problems” and are considering taking disciplinary action against him or her?
  • Office Gossip.  The behavior of the team is leaking out into the organization and becoming a topic of gossip or even a negative influence?
  • Loss of Heart.  You notice you or your team members are starting to close down emotionally and just going through the motions waiting for this assignment to end.
  • Fear of Failure.  You and your team have been doing great work.  And now you feel you have hit a plateau.  You don’t want to change anything because you’re afraid you’ll be less productive.  You don’t want to keep things the way they are because you’re afraid you’ll lose ground.

If you are nodding your head (or shaking it sadly) because you have “been there” and are tired of “doing that”, The Mirror Group feels your pain. We love working with:

  • Government and Non-Profit Teams,
  • Management and Executive Teams,
  • Boards of Directors,
  • Special project teams,
  • Volunteer teams, and
  • Teams of people who are passionate about their work and want to enjoy the process of delivering it.

We’ve worked with enough teams to know that we can make a significant difference for the team in just ten hours over two days. But there’s a catch… To successfully harness the power of your team system, you’ll need to reframe your focus to the following:

  • Focus on the whole.  Your team isn’t a machine with replaceable parts that you can swap out to improve its performance.  It’s a living, dynamic system that is naturally creative and resourceful.  To get the best out of your team, you want bring out the synergy of the whole system – not just a few all-stars.
  • Get curious.  As the Team Leader, you really don’t have to know it all.  Sure, it feels like that’s your job – to be out in front.  What if that’s not the whole truth?  What if by tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of your team, you could actually discover what’s wanted and needed next?
  • Be courageous.  It takes real courage to be able to look at ourselves – whether as team members or a team system, dispassionately.  The Mirror doesn’t lie.  It just reflects what your system needs you to see now to move forward.  This isn’t easy work – but it is transformative.
  • Focus on what’s working.  Saaay whaaat?  Yup.  All those hours you’ve been focusing on fixing what didn’t work could have been put to better advantage leveraging what isn’t broken.  It goes against the grain of all our “problem identification / problem solving / performance improvement training”…and it is astonishing how effective it is.
  • Ready to take you and your team on.   The Mirror Group promises results.  If you and your team aren’t ready to move to the next level, then The Mirror Group isn’t for you.  This won’t be “another teambuilding experience” that tastes like cotton candy – sweet with no substance.  Things will shift to higher productivity and positive interactions – ready or not.