“In my years working with Judith as a management consultant, I found her meetings amazingly effective. Judith has an innate sense of the right question to ask or the right tool to bring to bear to lead you to the best result. In developing the first World Café at Caltrans, she never pushed toward an option but asked questions to help move us toward a resolution of any issue. In facilitating the Café, she recorded the highest approval ratings that I had ever seen – 50 out of 50 attendees saw the meeting as a success. As a personal coach, Judith creates a safe space to explore issues while her sure-handed guidance moves you toward resolution. She assisted my wife and me in walking through a variety of issues and helped me to see how the chatter in my head had misled me over the years. I highly recommend Judith as an extremely effective facilitator and coach.”

~ Division Chief, California Department of Transportation

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“At the beginning of their engagement, our team suffered from burnout and had difficulties communicating and collaborating. As a result of their work with us, our Team experienced dramatic improvements. After our first two-day workshop, communication and collaboration improved and continues to improve and deepen with each Team workshop.”

~ General Manager, Regional Government

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“Thanks to you, the Santa Clara County Children’s Summit was a success. We believe that the Children’s Summit succeeded in achieving our goal of bringing people together to take Bold Steps to improve children’s lives. Our work at the Children’s Summit will help our community to think and act differently, promote new working partnerships, and develop the will to create the systems and policies that will meet the needs of children and families in our community.   Thank you for the good work you do to improve communities and thank you for your good work at the Children’s Summit.”

~ Executive Director, Kids in Common (non-profit)

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“Judith is an exceptionally talented coach.  I’ve been coaching now for eight years and in that time I’ve only once come across someone as talented as Judith.  I’ve been working with Judith with my ex-partner as we navigate how we want to parent our child and how we want to relate to each other as we move forward.  The results we have achieved since working with Judith are results that I truly never expected to be able to reach!  I can’t recommend her enough.”

~Executive Coach and Facilitator