Team Leaders!  Are You Spending More Time Refereeing Your Team than Getting Work Done?

As the leader of a team of people, you’ve got a product to deliver.  You want to give assignments to your team and have them take them and run.  Easy enough, right?  Not if you have to spend your time refereeing group dynamics that aren’t working.

You want your team to be highly productive and accomplish its objectives while having fun.  You know that teams offer your organization synchronicities that aren’t available through individual efforts.  You know teams can create an inspiring environment that brings the best out of their members – building on each other’s strengths and feeling the support of each other when the work gets tough.

Does your team have more dysfunction than function? Unhappy teams exist everywhere.  Just look in the business section of your local bookstore.  So, you’re not alone…which probably feels like small consolation.   It sucks when your team is struggling…it sucks the joy out of work.  It sucks creativity out of the project.  It sucks the energy out of the team.  And often it sucks the health out of team members.

You know it’s possible to create fun, high performance teams.  We’ve all been on at least one great team sometime in our lives.  It’s a wonderful experience…one you remember fondly when it’s not your current work experience.

What if you know your team can’t afford to wait to make some changes.  You and your team need help now!  The Mirror Group would love to custom design a program that we can promise (yes, promise) will shift the quality of your team experience in two days.