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Dreamdoor Series: Part 1 – Blue Jays and Pheasant

Dreamdoor – those events that catch and hold our attention…a potential opening to another world, another realm.  It is a door, an opening, an invitation that can be taken, or not.

~Arnold Mindell, PhD, The Dreammaker’s Apprentice, page 159.



It was New Year’s Day 2012.  I was in my office.  The window shade was up to let the sun from the front yard stream in.


Screech!  Screech!  Screech!  Screech!  I looked out the window and saw three bright blue jays.  One was in the tree squawking emphatically down at the two other birds in an epic blue jay battle.  One jay was on top of the other.  Feathers were flying.  The jay in the tree was screeching, seemingly cheering on the blue jay gladiators.


I’d never seen anything like this before and it shook me.  I ran to the window and began banging on it to get the birds to stop.  I even threw the window open to yell at them.  They finally flew away leaving feathers on my lawn and me in distress.


I couldn’t shake the feeling of this bird battle.  For some reason it reminded me of our political system:  two parties battling each other to the death and the media sitting up in its pundit’s perch, enjoying the battle, urging it on, providing commentary.


An hour or more went by and I still could not shake my feeling of discomfort.  In times like this, I turn to my bicycle and ride my four-mile circuit to exorcise my demons.  Often, when I’ve gone two miles or so, something lifts and I can find some new perspective.


It was at that two-mile mark that I caught sight of a female pheasant.  I’ve seen male pheasants in the open field further up the street, but never a lone female.  She was hiding between a fence and some plantings near the sidewalk close to the greenbelt.  I slowed and made a big circle back to the pheasant’s hiding place for a second look.  The pheasant flew away.


I don’t know what it was about that pheasant, but the discomfort of the blue jay battle lifted and I was filled with hope.


Somewhere, hidden from view, discrete women are busy nurturing the “what’s next.”  The time of loud squawking blue jays is coming to a close.  Despite the continuing squawk that fills our airwaves, something fertile is being nurtured away from the noise and glare.


Judith MacBrine dba The Mirror Group © Copyright 2012