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Wag More

Last year’s summer vacation took us to Asheville, NC, for a week of exploring new territory.  It’s the kind of vacation I love – lots of local art, beautiful scenery, good food (pig ribs, sweet potato fries, sweet potato pancakes, pecan pie), and bluegrass music to boot.  Oh lordy, what a fine week.

One thing, more than any other, captured my imagination.  I saw it on the bumper of an open air Jeep parked in the square in front of the Tupelo Honey Café.  “wag more, bark less,” it read.wag more bark less white words on blue background

I looked all over Asheville for that bumper sticker.  It wasn’t until Christmas shopping at a Seattle pet store that I finally found it.  “wag more, bark less.” And for cat lovers there was, “purr more, hiss less.”  I couldn’t wait to get home and proudly adorn my bumper with this message – my first permanently affixed bumper sticker ever.  More than once, having “wag more, bark less” on the back of my car has helped me refrain from flipping off some driver who unknowingly offended me.

Today on my daily four-mile bike ride around Davis, I saw a car outside the Davis United Methodist Church proudly sporting my bumper sticker. ”wag more, bark less.”  This was the first one I’d seen in Davis and one of the few I’ve seen since being home from Ashevillle.  “Wow, I wonder if this person has seen my bumper sticker too!  I wonder if they’re catching on.”

I continued my ride down Anderson Road, past the driveway to the shopping center where we buy groceries.  You’re never sure, when on a bicycle, whether people see you.  I waved and smiled at the car waiting to move onto Anderson Road.  “Hello.  Here I am.  I see you.”  A young woman in a headscarf looked at me from the driver side of her car.  She flashed a smile so beautiful my eyes began to sting with tears.  Then she waved back.  “Yes, I see you.  I’m here too.”  I continued my bike ride, smiling, thinking of this woman and her beautiful smile.

Hi.  I’m here.  I see you.

Wag more.


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